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Oxygen Consulting story

Oxygen Consulting story


Expert Strategic Advisory Services for the Global Sport, Health and Physical Activity Economy

For 19 years, Oxygen Consulting has provided expert strategic advice and business insight for organisations connected to the global sports, health and physical activity economy. Our strategic advisory services include short-term consultancy assignments and longer-term non-executive positions that support CEOs and senior management with crafting and executing compelling strategies.

Founder’s expertise in the health and fitness Industry

Our founder, Ray Algar, has over 30 years of experience advising senior leadership teams in the health and fitness industry. He provides an external and forward-looking perspective to a company’s long-term planning, challenging assumptions and ensuring sustainable long-term value for stakeholders. Ray’s track record of driving growth and delivering social impact has inspired the creation of new businesses and is underpinned by his deep understanding of the fitness industry, as evidenced by his 14 country conference presentations, and his strategic advice for leading brands such as adidas and Unilever.

Oxygen Consulting company story

To better understand why Ray Algar is fascinated by the global health and fitness industry and its capacity to create social impact, please download and read the Oxygen Consulting company story.

Non-Executive Director (NED) Roles

If you are seeking a non-executive director (NED) with a track record of driving growth and delivering social impact, or a strategic adviser with a wealth of experience in the physical activity and wellbeing economy, please get in touch.

Reports and books with a global readership

Our reports and books on the UK and international sports and fitness industry attract a global readership, and we use our expertise to advise organisations on how to navigate and generate opportunities through this fast-evolving marketplace.

Collaboration with Espalier Ventures

We collaborate with Espalier Ventures, a Brighton-based family investment office with a growing portfolio of businesses including INTO University Partnerships, the world’s leading international education partnering organisation. Oxygen Consulting identifies investable opportunities in health and wellbeing businesses that are making a positive impact on UK society.

Working with you

Our expert team is dedicated to helping organisations scale, flourish and create social impact. Contact us for a complimentary and confidential discussion to discuss a long-term non-executive strategic advisory role, consulting, or speaking engagement.

Ray Algar (MBA, MA)
Strategic adviser and analyst

Oxygen Consulting story

Oxygen Consulting story


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Advisory Roles

Along with short-term consultancy assignments, I am also available for longer-term non-executive advisory positions supporting CEOs and senior management with crafting and executing a compelling strategy.


Read about my consulting, speaking and workshop engagements.

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Gymtopia is a digital storytelling platform created by Ray Algar. It captures the global health and fitness industry’s philanthropic initiatives.


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I just finalized my first round on the report. I would say a great, down to earth, description of today’s health and fitness industry.

Peter Byman, Founding Partner, Fitness Group Nordic

Thank you for making your low-cost gym reports available to me. It has had a marked effect on my thinking and my future.  I have taken the plunge and ended my corporate career to open a low-cost gym chain in South Africa. 

Waldemar Smit, Managing Director myGym (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Looking through your new report now (Fitness Sector Social Good Report). Really well done and quite extensive. Love it!

Thomas Kolster, author of Goodvertising, Denmark

I have followed Ray’s industry research for many years. In fact, I was inspired to create Liikku after I read his UK low-cost gym sector report. It opened my eyes to the possibility that Finland could be ready for a simpler and more affordable year-round fitness experience. It is a tremendous asset for Liikku to be able to tap into Ray’s experience and insights.

Johanna Riihijärvi, CEO, Liikku

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to Intelligent Life

Ingrid Esling, Managing Editor, Intelligent Life Magazine (Part of the Economist Group)

I just wanted to say again how delightful it was to meet you and a huge thank you for delivering such a fantastic presentation. It really sparked conversation in the room which was exactly what we were looking for.

Caroline Rae, ActiveLab Director (accelerator programme for the best and brightest physical activity start-ups), ukactive

This is a great report Ray, well done.

Phillip Mills, CEO, Les Mills International, New Zealand

Ray really has his finger on the pulse of the fitness industry and I often call upon him for expert comment and analysis in Workout magazine.

Mary Ferguson, Editor, Workout Magazine, UK

Ray is one of the great strategists and researchers in the fitness and health club industry today. I follow all of his work and you should too. His research is fresh and unmatched and this new mid-market report is a wonderful piece of work.

Bryan O’Rourke, President, Fitness Industry Technology Council

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute (Fitness Sector Social Good Report). Without a doubt, it will be an impactful and well-received report.

Ioannis Ioannou, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

Ray is one of the best researchers that I know. His insight into new trends is invaluable and ensures that he is at the forefront of new developments. Ray has a strong marketing background and knowledge of the web is definitely one of his strengths.

Rob Gregory, Managing Director, Lifetime Health Ltd

All the delegates I was talking to thought that you were among the top speakers. I think you really caught their interest and opened their eyes with your presentations. That was further confirmed in the big interest in your book.

Stefan Tingwell, Club Sweden (Healthy Business Conference, Gothenburg)

I first met Ray when we were co-presenting at the IHRSA track at the Rimini Wellness Conference in Italy May 2007. Ray has an enormous insight in the fitness industry and can take both an analytical and practical approach to all issues, which gives him high credibility as a service consultant and as a commentator of the industry.

Rasmus Ingerslev, Founder Wexer and Chairman Barry’s Bootcamp Nordic

Great work Ray, an excellent, comprehensive report on the mid-market sector of the fitness industry.

Chuck Runyon, CEO, Anytime Fitness

Ray is hard working, bright and a no nonsense power source of professionally compiled insights into the European leisure industry

Sean Maguire, Managing Director, Legend Club Management Software

Oxygen Consulting has established itself as an authority on the UK low-cost gym sector and its reports are essential reading for anybody interested in the space.  Ray Algar’s personal relationship with the leading players gives him an insight that few others possess.

John Harper, Investment Director, LDC (part of the Lloyds Banking Group), UK

Ray that’s an insightful piece of work. Thanks again for your work on the deal.

Gavin Bell, Investment Manager, Maven Capital Partners

Concise, relevant but remarkably comprehensive. Great stuff.

John Oxley, Managing Director, Active Nation

Ray is a breath of fresh air to the leisure world. He brings an intelligence to the consultancy world that I haven’t seen very often. His seminars are brilliantly crafted, innovative and precise in delivering the message.Its no surprise to me that he is so busy across Europe.

Duncan Green, Managing Director, Momentum Business Development, UK

Ray’s ability to access the most complex issues and offer options for a resolution has been so important.

Peter Crowley, Managing Director, Wave Leisure Trust

Congratulations Ray, a great piece of work  – mandatory reading for anyone with an interest in the fitness industry.

Steven Ward, CEO, ukactive

I wanted to let you know that the work you have done recently on your “Health Club Industry Active Ageing Report” really resonates with me. It’s a wonderful report. Rarely do I feel such a strong affinity to a published report.

Kristen Green, Board Member – Fitness Australia

Ray has provided meaningful and comprehenisve strategic advice on a number of projects in the fitness industry. He has a very detailed knowledge of the sector, carries out extensive research and recently gave a valuable presentation to the Leisure Property Forum, which was extremely well received.

Chris Gotla, Partner, Fitspace Health Clubs

This is outstanding and a very comprehensive report (UK boutique fitness sector report). Well done to you and your team.

Kevin Yates, Investor and Director, 1Rebel

Ray had sufficient foresight to recognise the impact of social media on reputation before many others and an open mind that allows him to see how leisure sector organisations can extract insight and actions from consumer-generated media.

Jonathan Moody, Social Media Strategist, Socialware, Spain