2010 UK Low-Cost Gym Sector Report

This report was my first major investigation into how the UK low-cost gym sector was developing. The report was supported by Precor and published in May 2010. The full report can be purchased from the Knowledge Store.

2010 UK Low-Cost Gym Sector Report


Over the next few days, I am publishing the 2010 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report. It is the first in-depth strategic look at how low-cost gyms are likely to emerge in the UK over the next few years. The price-point used for the report are those low-cost gyms with a membership fee of £20 or less per month. If members are required to sign a contract (in order to enjoy the £20 monthly fee), then it has to be for a period of 12-months, or less in order for the brand to be included in the report. The report only analyses those brands with at least two low-cost gyms open.

Download the report for free

Thanks to support from Precor, the full 2010 report is available free of charge and can be downloaded at this dedicated website on Friday 4th June.

Comments please

Please read the report and then leave your comments and suggestions for the next edition.