A Low-cost (budget) health club coming your way soon

I popped down to see the FitSpace low-cost health club in Bournemouth (South coast of England) recently and was very impressed by its simplicity. Daryl, a second-year University Astrophysicist (when he wasn’t wrestling with the complexities of the galaxy, he doubled up as a part time Duty Manager) looked calm and collected as he single-handedly ran the club. I literally mean single-handedly as he was the only staff member on duty. This particular club traded under several other brand names (Canons and Top Notch), but seems to have now found its calling as a low-cost club with membership fees from £11.66 per month.

I am featuring FitSpace in a current Leisure Report article, which investigates the general low-cost trend (airlines, hotels, groceries, clothing etc) that now pervades society. Browse over to Oxygen articles in a few weeks, if you would like to have a read.

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