A visual summary of what the Precor acquisition brings to Peloton

John Foley – CEO Peloton riding one of their bikes

John Foley – CEO Peloton

Although today’s news has been predominantly about Peloton, I am excited for the entire Precor team who now join a business where there will be a deeper sense of genuine strategic fit — Precor will bring much to Peloton but imagine what Peloton will be bringing to Precor.

In a way, the Peloton strategy seems reminiscent of Amazon. Amazon first built deep expertise in a single category — books. I originally thought that Amazon’s ambition was to become the world’s largest online bookstore, but it had no intention of stopping at books which was only the first act.

Peloton started with a bike, but once the technology platform is built out, other products can be quickly added as you pursue consumers in the different settings where they live out their lives —the home, at work, when they are away and at play.

Precor can help to connect them into a diverse array of exercise settings which is why I am hopeful that this will become a successful acquisition.

Strategic analysis that outlines how the Precor acquisition can help Peloton

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Short video interview with Peloton’s president

William Lynch, president of Peloton discusses the fitness tech’s acquisition of Precor.