Are micro health clubs the future?

Given that few standard health clubs seem to offer a personalised service as part of the membership price, it was interesting to read about the forthcoming launch of the 25 Club in Hanover Square, Mayfair, London.

This £750,000, 2,000 square foot (186 square metre) club is setting a membership limit of just 250 and will focus on health, well-being and performance. Membership pricing is set at £4,000 per annum, which will generate fees of £1 million, which should be more than sufficient to recruit a talented staff team that can deliver a personalised and results-driven service to Mayfair residents and staff.

Shane Westley, the Managing Director comments:

‘Over the coming 12 months our main focus will be on really establishing the 25 Club as the number one facility in the country for personal training and wellbeing. However, ultimately we’d like to roll out to all the major cities – Paris, Milan, Rome and so on’.

This fee is eight times higher than the UK average club price (£504 per annum), but my intuition tells me there is demand for clubs that can genuinely devote themselves to supporting the individual needs of a small community of members.

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