>BA Fast Bag Drop – what's fast about it?

Sorry BA. I just have to say just a few words about the use of the word ‘fast’ in your Gatwick BA bag drop system, which I had to endure on my recent Rimini conference trip.

Technology now allows anyone with access to a computer to book on-line, print a boarding pass and waltz through the departure lounge, cutting out that antiquated wait at the check-in line. However, there is one small snag in this very 21st century process and that’s the 200-300 hundred other people that are also waiting to drop off their bags.

Fast soon turns to slow as you wait for up to an hour to check in a single bag. The system is so dumb, that you just have to laugh. As we inched along the ‘fast bag drop’ queue, a women behind me said ‘I wonder if there is anyone at the normal check in desk?’. Good question. While airlines, encourage us to do more of their work, the technophobe fliers are turning up and using the regular check in desk and having a long laugh as they see all the web-savvy flyers waiting in a queue that’s going nowhere. ‘Why is the queue so long?, I ask a BA staff member. ‘It’s school half-term’, came the reply. What’s interesting about school holidays is they tend to happen every year and if you’re really good at your job, you anticipate them. Obviously, for BA that’s rocket science stuff!

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