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Looking beyond the pandemic

A few years ago, I was at a family and friends party and got speaking to a British Airways (BA) pilot. We began discussing pilot training during an emergency. With their adrenalin pumping and numerous calls on their attention, what is the pilot’s immediate priority to ensure the safety of ...

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Welcome to the future, welcome to the impact economy

Below is a chapter I have written for a new book titled: Horizon 2030. The book was due to be published at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne during April 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the book will now be published in September 2020. Introduction For some businesses in ...

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Fitness and Corporate Social Responsibility – Running on empathy

By its very nature the fitness industry supports a healthier planet, but in an age of heightened social awareness, and scrutiny of business ethics, is this still enough? We spoke to fitness corporate social responsibility (CSR) expert Ray Algar, who says to truly thrive in a post-recession, the fitness industry ...

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Comment for The Economist fitness industry article

During January 2018, The Economist contacted me to discuss an article they were researching on the fitness industry. Their initial angle for the article was to discuss the good-intentioned New Year resolution for people to get fit and how clubs and studios are the grateful beneficiaries of this surge in demand. ...

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The Year Ahead – Fitness Business Canada

My thoughts on a forthcoming 2018 article for Fitness Business Canada magazine. Commit to elevating your business reputation The health club industry was built with a focus on the tangible experience; impressive buildings, equipment and other assets that attracted customers often on the basis of convenience to home or work. Cultivating a ...

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Gym Factory talk in Madrid

During May 2016, I was invited to give a talk to stakeholders from the Spanish heath club industry about my research into the emergence of boutique fitness. Following my talk, the organisers sent over some follow-up questions which are below. Their is also a Spanish version. In your speech you said that ...

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Click to join, click to give: The Gym Group

This is the second of a year-long series of Gymtopia projects being serialised in Health Club Management magazine. This second article discusses UK-based The Gym Group and their online charity giving programme.

Old for new – Gymtopia article series with Health Club Management

This is the first in a series of Gymtopia articles with Health Club Management magazine during 2014. I hope you enjoy reading about this simple, but highly effective programme created by Cia Athletica clubs in Brazil:

How to be good – Fitpro Business Magazine

Health and fitness clubs that act as a platform for social good ensure they are relevant to their communities, says Ray Algar. A few years ago, I created an online poll where I posed a question to UK consumers: Assume you live in a small town and the high street has ...

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il club, piattaforma del bene comune

Gymtopia è la nuova piattaforma web tramite la quale i club di tutto il mondo possono raccontare le proprie iniziative benefiche. Un modo per aiutare chi ne ha bisogno, rendere più profonda la relazione con i socie la comunità, tutto a vantaggio della propria “reputazione sociale” edell’immagine del settore