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Deloitte launches new cut-down version of UK health club benchmark survey

As Deloitte’s UK HealthClubBenchmark Survey approaches its second birthday, the company is launching a cut-down version of the survey in order to attract more operators. Drawing on data representing 1.4 million members and 500 health clubs across the UK, HealthClubBenchmark provides in-depth analysis of key membership and profitability statistics. The ...

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The future of health and fitness within hotels

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Leisure Report (A new way to serve up hotel fitness) on how I see a very different kind of health and fitness proposition for hotels. What follows is a story about Brio House, which is a hotel I conceived and ...

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There’s Budding Entrepreneurs Everywhere!

This week, the UK hosts `Enterprise Week` which aims to inspire young people to turn business ideas into reality. Over 1,400 events will be held around the UK to expose individuals to the opportunities of being more `enterprise receptive`, whether that means setting up a new business or fostering new ...

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