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MFORUM Conference in Kazakhstan and Russia

  Last week I took part in the MFORUM event in Kazakhstan and Russia. This was the third year the event has been held in Russia and the first time in Kazakhstan. The one-day event involves four international speakers who each deliver a 90-minute talk. My talk was titled: ‘The emergence ...

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Ray Algar is interviewed by MFitness Russia

  At the end of June 2017, I shall be travelling to Kazakhstan and Russia to give talks as part of this year's MFORUM fitness industry event. MFORUM brings together senior members of the fitness industry and involves four international speakers who each deliver a 90-minute talk. What follows is a short interview ...

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Major health clubs chains must redraw business models or wither away

New report advises mid-market health clubs of urgent need to shake-up traditional business models Warns of growing competition from all sides without growth in customer base Recommends that clubs clearly define what they stand for Advises clubs to avoid simple price-cutting to compete and instead re-think long term direction Report published Friday December 11th, ...

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How does your health club brand resonate with consumers?

Recently, an email dropped into my inbox from Steve Tharrett, co-founder of ClubIntel, a U.S. based strategic consumer insights firm whose mission is to elevate the member experience for the club industry. It was to notify me on a white paper they had just published called: 'Does your brand resonate ...

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One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry

IHRSA has today published  a great bog post about the work of Gymtopia under the heading 'One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry'. ------- "The health and fitness industry does plenty of good on a daily basis by helping every person who walks through the door onto ...

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Interview with Richard Davis, Director, VirtualGym TV

Recently, I visited Richard Davis, Director of VirtualGym TV to find out more about the business. Afterwards, I fired off some questions to Richard and below you can read his replies: What does VirtualGym TV stand for? VirtualGym TV 'literally' stands for a virtual gym that you can watch on your TV, ...

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2011 Global Low-cost Gym Sector Report

Shortly, I will be publishing my new report that investigates the international growth of the low-cost gym sector. The full report is available free of charge, thanks to support from Precor. The report will be available to download from the Think Tank. The Think Tank requires a quick, one-time registration, after ...

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Where art and outdoor gym meet

Manuel de Arriba Ares has created Spain's first carbon neutral gym. All the exercise equipment in his 'gimnasio ecológico' requires no electricity and is made entirely of recycled materials. I hope you enjoy:

Rio to follow London after winning Olympic 2016 bid

It seems that if you want to win the right to host a summer Olympics, you should never become the outright favourite. Paris discovered this when they were pipped by London, and now the same fate has struck Chicago. So what clinched it for Rio? Probably two key factors; one is ...

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David Patchell-Evans set to become IHRSA’s second overseas Chairman

Later this week, David Patchell-Evans will become IHRSA's new Chairman. Nothing really significant about that you may be thinking. However, this is the only the second time that the role has gone to an individual from outside of the United States. Industry insiders refer to Evans as 'Patch' who is the ...

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