Be a Leader in the Health and Fitness Industry: Embrace ESG and Drive Change with Gymtopia

Introduction A decade ago, I founded Gymtopia with a vision to reveal the health and fitness industry's potential for creating a positive social and environmental impact. Today, we are at a critical juncture, and I am determined to expand Gymtopia's scope to include Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and the ...

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Gym Group’s social impact framework

Below is a short overview of some work that Oxygen Consulting explored with The Gym Group as they sought ways to measure and report on their Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities. As this business grew to become one of the UK and Europe's largest gym and fitness businesses, it began ...

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Fitness and Corporate Social Responsibility – Running on empathy

By its very nature the fitness industry supports a healthier planet, but in an age of heightened social awareness, and scrutiny of business ethics, is this still enough? We spoke to fitness corporate social responsibility (CSR) expert Ray Algar, who says to truly thrive in a post-recession, the fitness industry ...

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Oxygen Consulting and DataHub partner to help operators unlock the social value they generate

  As part of the DataHub’s continued drive to enrich the sector’s understanding of the data it holds, a new strategic partnership has been agreed with Oxygen Consulting. The partnership is designed to help both private and public sector leisure operators more clearly define and champion the social value generated through ...

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Ray Algar discusses change in the health club industry

Recently I was interviewed for the Australian Fitness Business Podcast about the research I have been undertaking as well as the ongoing mission of Gymtopia. During the thirty-minute show, we discussed:     The two fundamental strategic paths that fitness brands are now pursuing. The rise of fitness substitutes. The November fitness project. ...

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Gymtopia social good platform building momentum

                        Gymtopia has come a long way since its 2013 inception. We have now published inspiring stories from five continents outlining how the global health and fitness industry is using its community of members and staff to help people and communities. The stories are powerful and impactful so do drop by ...

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One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry

IHRSA has today published  a great bog post about the work of Gymtopia under the heading 'One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry'. ------- "The health and fitness industry does plenty of good on a daily basis by helping every person who walks through the door onto ...

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Gymtopia update

Gymtopia is receiving growing interest from the health and fitness industry on the back of its recent ukactive Matrix Outstanding Achievement Award. During October, Leisure Management magazine published a six-page articles featuring four of the amazing projects case-studied on the Gymtopia website. You can download this article in the press area ...

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Click to join, click to give: The Gym Group

This is the second of a year-long series of Gymtopia projects being serialised in Health Club Management magazine. This second article discusses UK-based The Gym Group and their online charity giving programme.      

Gymtopia article series with Health Club Managment – article 1 Cia Athletica Brazil

This is the first of a year-long series of Gymtopia projects being serialised in Health Club Management magazine. This first article discusses a gym member shoe donation programme by Cia Athletica clubs in Brazil. You can read here why I developed Gymtopia.