Why can’t corporate communications all be as good as this?

My thanks to Dave Stalker, CEO at the Fitness Industry Association who first put me on to this video. Produced by: Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan

Where art and outdoor gym meet

Manuel de Arriba Ares has created Spain's first carbon neutral gym. All the exercise equipment in his 'gimnasio ecológico' requires no electricity and is made entirely of recycled materials. I hope you enjoy:

Interview with Dr John Searle, Chief Medical Officer, Fitness Industry Association (UK)

Recently, I caught up with Dr John Searle who has joined the UK Fitness Industry Association as their Chief Medical Officer. John is a 'committed' and enthusiastic exerciser himself who has 'discovered' that regular exercise can control the symptoms of his rheumatoid arthritis. I limited myself to just five questions; so ...

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So this is how you encourage people to take the stairs

This is so clever – changing peoples behaviour through fun:

Eddie Izzard proves that comedians can run

Eddie Izzard is a quirky comedian who has recently carved out a successful Hollywood film career (his latest film is 'Valkyrie' with Tom Cruise). He has a reputation for many things, but running was not one of them. That has all changed with today's news that he has just run ...

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British Soldiers ‘Too Fat’ To Fight

A leaked memo has exposed concerns about rising levels of obesity among British soldiers. The memo from Major Brian Dupree, of the Army physical training corps in Wiltshire, said basic fitness policy 'is not being carried out'. Soliders are expected to complete between 2-3 hours of physical exercise a week, ...

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How do you REALLY feel about obese people?

  Fitness First was once accused of preferring thinner people when recruiting for gym staff. The claim caused quite a debate at the time. So, here is a scenario for you. There are two candidates applying for a single role and they are both very strong with similar qualifications, experience and ...

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Halfords bike sales power ahead from Beijing bounce

Following Team GB's cycling success in Beijing when they won a total of 14 Olympic medals, bike sales at Halfords has been impressive. The company now sells in excess of one million bikes a year and has just announced like-for-like sales growth for the period ending March 2009. This means ...

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Fast food outlet closed down for being too close to school

Children were dramatically saved this week from a fast food outlet when London police and council staff closed down an illegal takeaway that had opened close to a local school. The shop breached guidelines that prohibit fast-food outlets from opening up near to parks and schools? Rather than demonising some foods, ...

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Sportacus is getting the world’s children exercising

I read an interesting profile on Magnus Scheving at the weekend. Magnus is the creator of LazyTown, the children's TV show which is fast reaching cult-status with global youngsters. For those of you who are not familiar with LazyTown, the show features Sportacus (played by Scheving) whose mission is to get ...

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