Massachusetts considers calorie-counting restaurants

'Can I recommend today's special two-course 499 calorie meal' said the aspiring actress-come-waitress at one of Massachusetts finest restaurants. This could be what greets future diners if Massachusetts decide to adopt new measures to curb the state's rising levels obesity. The percentage of Massachusetts adults who were overweight or obese rose ...

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Amazon staff walking up to 14 miles in a single shift

There was an investigative article on Amazon UK's working practices in this week's Times newspaper. One number that struck me was that some staff were walking up to 14 miles during a single shift. That's 70 miles a week. Have we just discovered a remedy for the growing obesity crisis.

ActiPed helps track my every step

>I've been using the ActiPed from FitLinxx for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed tracking my physical activity.What is ActiPed?It's a small activity-tracking device that clips to any shoe and then sends data wirelessly to a website.Friday 12th December was a little milestone for me as I ...

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Oklahoma city – going on a diet

It's nothing new to hear about individuals getting together to collectively diet, but for an entire city to be put on one is unusual. However, that is what Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma city has done. Fed up with seeing Oklahoma residents getting larger by the day, he has put the ...

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It’s official; video games are good for your health

>So say the latest studies presented at the recent 55th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). One of the studies examined energy expenditure for active video games compared to sedentary games to see just how much more exercise children receive when playing systems like ...

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Rimini Wellness Conference – Whole City Involvement

Have just returned from Rimini Wellness in Italy - what a spectacle! I was trying to think of another health and fitness event where the whole city gets involved. The Rimini Wellness festival runs for three days and spans everything to do with health, fitness and well-being.The indoor part of ...

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Fat dogs don’t lie!

>Weight management can be a chore. Keeping a food diary to track calorie intake is so dull that it makes reality television look compelling. So, how do you know from week-to-week and month-to-month whether your ‘calories in’, is less or equal to your ‘calories out’? If you’re looking for ...

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Swing for life video

This clever short film reminds me of a conversation I was having with Heather Roxborough from Unilever about the notion of adventure playgrounds for adults. A study at the University of Lapland found significant improvement of Finns aged 61-85 after a three-month stint in the playground. Re-introducing people to a ...

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Childhood obesity – let’s get them moving again

> are now inundated with news on the obesity epidemic, which is sweeping through the developing world. Who could have imagined that China is now facing a similar crisis where large suggests prosperity. Stats' pour out of the media on a daily basis, but not a great deal of column ...

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Medical Tourism

>I was reading an interesting article by Scott Carney -'Medical Refugees Flee to India' on the Wired News web site. A medical refugee is someone without insurance needing medical treatment as distinct from 'medical tourists' who are often travelling for non-urgent, cosmetic procedures. The USA has about 46 million ...

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