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How do you REALLY feel about obese people?

  Fitness First was once accused of preferring thinner people when recruiting for gym staff. The claim caused quite a debate at the time. So, here is a scenario for you. There are two candidates applying for a single role and they are both very strong with similar qualifications, experience and ...

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What UK consumers think about long-term health club contracts

Recently, I was trying out the new web-based survey service from Toluna and wanted to understand more about what UK consumers felt about long-term (3-year) gym contracts. I asked 2,000 UK consumers a series of five questions. This graph illustrates their preference for five different price scenarios ranging from a simple ...

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Radiant Gym Ad – India

Clever ad for the Radiant Gym in India. Strapline - 'Are you today twice the man you used to be'. ...not quite, but give me a few more months!

Creative Gym Advertising

Recently saw this visually-arresting image for Powerhouse gym:The world's largest cable cross-over!  

Plans underway for new UK health club benchmarking service

Since the cessation of the Deloitte health club benchmarking service, there has been a void in capturing operating data from UK health clubs. However, this may be about to change. Health and fitness operators are being invited to comment on a proposed Fitness Market Monitor prior to its launch this ...

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Finally, a sense of community at the gym

>On Friday, I took part in a friendly team tennis tournament followed by a Wimbledon ticket draw at my local Esporta club. Our team, 'you can't be serious!' won the event, but that was not the real reason why the evening was such a success. Finally, I experienced first-hand, the ...

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Are micro health clubs the future?

Given that few standard health clubs seem to offer a personalised service as part of the membership price, it was interesting to read about the forthcoming launch of the 25 Club in Hanover Square, Mayfair, London. This £750,000, 2,000 square foot (186 square metre) club is setting a membership limit of ...

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Looking through the froth to find the cause at Starbucks

Below is an excerpt from my recent Starbucks article for Leisure Report Journal. Brands with a cause was my recent plea (see: what does my brand stand for? Leisure Report January 2008). Let us ignore the companies bordering on the irrelevant and connect with those that genuinely stand for something. Life ...

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New Year, New Resolution, New Gym

Take a look at the graphic to see how consumers are chattering about their new year health and fitness resolutions. Let's hope they join the right club.

Obama is leading a movement

I was watching last night’s news on the Obama versus Clinton presidential nomination campaign. The reporter said something very insightful after reporting that Obama was racing ahead of Clinton in the polls. He said: ‘Obama is leading a movement, while Clinton is campaigning’. This took me back to a ...

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