Boutique fitness studios fire warning shots at big brand fitness chains

New industry report charts rise of boutique fitness studios In a mature, inert fitness industry, boutiques are driving growth Big industry players need to sit up and take notice Small, specialised, independent fitness studios – classed collectively as boutique studios – have the potential to take significant market share from the large, big-brand, ...

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Exploring ideas for my next health club industry report

Five years ago, I was invited to speak to Swedish health and fitness operators at a conference in Gothenburg. My presentation was called: What does your fitness clubs stand for? You can read the presentation here: The themes in this presentation were: Proliferation of consumer choice and growing sense of ‘choice trauma’ Clubs beginning ...

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2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report – Ray Algar

I have now published the 2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report which can be purchased from the Knowledge Store. Please leave a comment below, or on the report website, when you have read the report.  

What is driving the low-cost gym sector? Presentation by Ray Algar 2012

Below is a copy of my low-cost gym presentation to delegates attending the IHRSA Convention in Los Angeles during March 2012. Please do leave a comment on the presentation or general comments on low-cost (budget) gyms. What is driving the global low-cost gym sector? View more presentations from Ray Algar

2012 European Health Club Franchising Industry Report

I am presently scoping out a new report that investigates the European health club franchising industry. The key report sections are: 1 Strategic analysis of the franchising business model. 2 Interviews with out of industry franchising experts. 3 Interviews with health club franchise CEO's. 4 Detailed club franchise case study. 5 Consumer research. 6 Index of ...

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2011 Global Low-cost Gym Sector Report

Shortly, I will be publishing my new report that investigates the international growth of the low-cost gym sector. The full report is available free of charge, thanks to support from Precor. The report will be available to download from the Think Tank. The Think Tank requires a quick, one-time registration, after ...

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How obese will English adults be in 2020?

The UK-based National Heart Forum has recently published a report outlining obesity trends for the period to 2020. You can read the full report here. Or, you can read my quick summary below: UK National Heart Forum Report February 2010 View more presentations from Ray Algar

2010 Health and Fitness Trends

I’ve crawled all over the web to get a sense of how people and exercise are likely to connect as we enter a new year . What follows is a number of ‘trending’ themes and then my interpretation of why people will be attracted. Clicking on a red word will take you ...

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Just 0.8 Health Clubs Visits Per Week

I was in a recent meeting with a representative from one of the UK's largest health club chains and discussion moved on to the average weekly attendance of their members. This is where the 0.8 figure comes from. This represents the average weekly attendance by all members over the course ...

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Social Climate Analysis – straight from Bilbao

Have just returned from meeting Jon Moody from Asomo in Bilbao. Asomo has developed a system that allows on-line comments on web logs and discussion forums to be analysed - quite an achivement when you consider there are presently 55 million web logs! This allows company's to understand what people ...

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