Social Good

What social impact is your business creating?

I was pleased to read that The Gym Group, the UK low-cost gym operator has, for the first time, analysed the social value it creates. Social value allows a business to translate its inputs and activities into social impacts. A gym exists to facilitate exercise, but as a society what we ...

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Philip Newborough, co-founder of Bridges Fund Management, discusses why all businesses need to prove their social impact

Since writing my Fitness Sector Social Good report and launching Gymtopia, I have been arguing that the global fitness industry needs to address the measurement of its social impact as a strategic imperative. Therefore, I was excited to see Health Club Management magazine interview Philip Newborough, the co-founder of Bridges Fund Management, ...

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Oxygen Consulting and DataHub partner to help operators unlock the social value they generate

  As part of the DataHub’s continued drive to enrich the sector’s understanding of the data it holds, a new strategic partnership has been agreed with Oxygen Consulting. The partnership is designed to help both private and public sector leisure operators more clearly define and champion the social value generated through ...

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Click to join, click to give: The Gym Group

This is the second of a year-long series of Gymtopia projects being serialised in Health Club Management magazine. This second article discusses UK-based The Gym Group and their online charity giving programme.