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Samsung and Adidas launch a phone with a heart beat

Not wishing to be left behind by the Nike and Apple partnership, Samsung and Adidas have launched the new miCoach system. What is miCoach? miCoach captures and shares running data via the Samsung phone. Heart rate is monitored when the user wears the supplied heart rate belt. What's in the box? The system comprises: Samsung ...

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Portable Computer Devices Can Get People Exercising

Specially programmed personal digital assistants (PDAs) can help encourage middle-aged and older Americans to increase their physical activity levels, a Stanford University study says. The 37 study participants were randomly assigned to receive either traditional physical activity information handouts or a PDA loaded with a program that asked questions designed to ...

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Nike+iPod in action

> short video showing how the Nike and iPod system workinsight from Ray Algar

Technogym team up with Apple

Technogym has partnered with Apple and signed an agreement to deliver a seamless integration between iPod by Apple and all Technogym Excite equipment. Users control iPod video and audio selection directly via their cardio equipment display and can view iPod contents and exercise data simultaneously. The iPod battery can also ...

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Exercise machines to shape our lives – Intelligent Life magazine

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Intelligent Life magazine (an Economist group publication): ------------------- The irony, in this brave new world of the Human Genome project and space tourism, is that more of us will die from `lifestyle` diseases than any other cause of death.It is by far ...

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Fitness Equipment – Thinking Small

This piece of equipment (Cross Trainer) from Cybex caught my eye because it demonstrates innovative thinking. Problem: How do we develop a commercial-grade cross trainer with a smaller footprint? Here's the answer.

Can video games fight obesity?

Kinesthetic electronics, where video games integrate with exercise is a fascinating emerging area, with the technology rapidly improving. You can read the article I wrote for Intelligent Life here. So, if we are going to allow children ‘screen time’ with their video games on the condition that exercise is a ...

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Shoes that never lose their suction!

>Not the total solution to the rising obesity epidemic sweeping the globe, but it's a start. `Go clean your room` takes on a completely new meaning now that Electrolux has announced its `vacuum shoes`. A small motor embedded in the sole sucks up dirt and dust as you glide from ...

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