Cosmetic Surgery for 11 Year Olds…why wait until 11!

This story caught my eye (Guardian 22nd Oct 2005). A recent UK poll of 2,000 children discovered that 25% of boys aged 5-11 would agree to cosmetic surgery in order to look like David Beckham and other heroes. Now I know that 5 years olds won’t have a clue what `cosmetic surgery` is, but the older ones will and its really quite scary. In my recent presentation to Russian health club operators in Moscow, I picked up on this theme as these kids are future health club members and they’re not going to slave away on treadmills and cross trainers for a year when, or if, it becomes the norm to pop along to your cosmetic surgeon for liposuction during lunch hour (or should that be school break- time). The survey went on to report that 35% of children would `definitely` consider surgery as a way of improving their appearance. Health clubs beware, a cosmetic surgeon is coming to your neighbourhood soon.

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