Deloitte launches new cut-down version of UK health club benchmark survey

As Deloitte’s UK HealthClubBenchmark Survey approaches its second birthday, the company is launching a cut-down version of the survey in order to attract more operators. Drawing on data representing 1.4 million members and 500 health clubs across the UK, HealthClubBenchmark provides in-depth analysis of key membership and profitability statistics. The benchmarked results enable operators to assess their performance at club, regional and brand level and also rank themselves against a predefined competitor group.

Now, following interest from hoteliers and independent operators, Deloitte has developed a new simplified benchmarking survey. The HealthClubBenchmark Membership Survey will give other operators of health clubs, in both the public and private sector, the opportunity to benefit from this critical benchmarking information. In return for submitting just five membership metrics, operators will receive free access to their performance versus the UK average.

Neil Burton, manager of HealthClubBenchmark explains the rationale behind developing the new survey: ‘If you look at the top 10 brands in the UK health club industry, hotel-owned brands make up a significant number of the rankings.

Measuring performance of top-line drivers such as new membership sales and total revenue against competitors in the market can give vital context to budget or previous year’s performance and provide the final piece of this complex performance puzzle.This gives enormous value to owners and operators in making strategic and tactical decisions that impact the bottom line of their business. In addition to tracking their performance against the UK, clubs can benchmark their performance against a selected local competitor group for a small annual fee.’


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