English Health Clubs – Life after the Smoking Ban

So how are health clubs faring after the English smoking ban in public places that came into force on 1st July 2007? Word is that many health clubs are feeling the pinch. No longer can members light up while waiting for the six o’clock Yoga class to start and it’s now illegal for members to puff, while using treadmills.

I’ve been out and about taking soundings, and gym members are not happy. ‘I used to love having a quick smoke between sets, but it’s just not worth a £50 quid fine’ said Duncan Blue from Flames Health Club, before sneaking off to the steam room for a discreet puff.

Equipment manufacturers have already begun to phase out ashtrays on recumbent bikes and cross-trainers and many clubs have asked gym staff to set a strong example by only smoking in specially adapted ‘smoking pods’ being installed on the side of swimming pools. More news as I get it.