Flourish – a new event where fitness independents meet to explore long-term success.

Thursday 15th June 2017: 10:00 – 4:30pm. Location: Lighthouse Digital Lounge, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton

Seats for this one-day event can now be booked (please see bottom of page)

Ray Algar starts a presentation to European health and fitness club owners at an event hosted at Club La Santa in Lanzarote

Ray Algar during a recent talk to European health and fitness club operators

Flourish is a new one-day event created exclusively for the independent club sector. It represents a unique opportunity to acquire valuable insights that will support you in navigating your business to success in an evolving health and fitness industry.

Why I created Flourish

For the past 10 years, the recurring UK fitness industry story has been the emergence of low-cost gyms. They have captured the imagination of large parts of the general public and journalists who write enthusiastically about their simple-to-understand experience and low monthly fees. Directly or indirectly, all independent clubs have been affected by low-cost gyms.

More recently, the story has begun to change towards the rise of boutique studios (1Rebel, Psycle, Barry’s Bootcamp) that are opening to serve a discerning consumer seeking a remarkable group exercise experience.

Meanwhile, the role of independent clubs, which still comprise half of all UK private clubs, has been over shadowed. One former low-cost gym executive recently described the ‘destruction of the mid-market as almost complete’ as it had not done enough to remain relevant to its customers. However, it is the mid-market where the majority of independent clubs still operate.

It is true that independent clubs are facing unprecedented levels of competitive intensity but a sustainable route to success is obtainable for those that make time to step off the business treadmill.

It is the independent sector, comprising passionate individuals that helped to kick-start the UK fitness industry. Their clubs serve smaller communities that chains and bigger brands often ignore. So I believe that it is important we have an independent sector which is strong and flourishing.

Why attend?

  • Step out of your club for a few hours to gain a deep understanding of how rising levels of competition requires you to sharpen your club’s brand story.
  • Learn how independent clubs have successfully repositioned themselves as low-cost gyms entered their catchment area.
  • Independent club operators can feel a little isolated so this will be an opportunity for non-competing clubs to come together and share ideas.

Themes for the day:

  • Understand the evolving nature of the sector and the proliferation of consumer choice.
  • Understand the importance of creating a distinctive business.
  • Understand how to employ strategic tools that help to articulate a compelling brand story.

Who should attend?

  • Owners.
  • Senior managers.
  • Independent club investors.
A day of insights and fresh sea air

Independent clubs will gain valuable fitness industry insights during a day in Brighton

For independent operators 

This event is exclusively for independent club operators.

The day’s format

The day will comprise a mix of presentations, case studies and panel sessions. Attendees can expect a stimulating and interactive day that will draw on businesses from inside and outside of the fitness industry.

Attendees will also have access to an invitation-only LinkedIn group that will allow the conversations to continue after the event.

Limited availability

This event is limited to just 50 attendees. The first 10 tickets can now be purchased at the lowest price.


Ray Algar, managing director, Oxygen Consulting

Ray Algar pointing at one of his opening presentation slides

Ray Algar discussing the structure of a previous talk in Taiwan

I provide compelling strategic business insight for organisations connected to the global health and fitness industry. I have been analysing and commentating on the industry’s evolution for the past 16 years and am the author of nine strategic industry reports. My most recent report was Health club industry mid-market report – investigating how brands are repositioning in an era of rising competition and the UK Boutique Fitness Studio Report.

I regularly speak at UK and international fitness conferences (Taiwan, USA, Brazil, Norway) delivering talks that are forward-looking and thought-provoking.

‘A huge thank you for delivering such a fantastic presentation. It really sparked conversation in the room which was exactly what we were looking for.’

Caroline Rae, ActiveLab Programme Director, ukactive.’

Register here

The first tranche of 10 tickets now released.

Tickets are being released in batches of 10 and will rise in price as the event nears – so do try and book your seat early.

‘All the delegates I was talking to thought that you were among the top speakers. I think you really caught their interest and opened their eyes with your presentations. That was further confirmed in the big interest in your book.’

Stefan Tingwell, Club Sweden (Healthy Business Conference)

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