Fantastic New Club Retention Tool

David Lloyd Leisure, which has 58 health clubs in the UK and Ireland, has recently appeared in the press because one its member’s has taken objection to the fact that you have to give 90 days notice to leave. Julian Moore comments:

“A policy like this can only serve to alienate members. Why should I be expected to pay for something I no longer require? I don’t understand how a company can boast about their customer service when they begrudge you leaving by slapping you with this penalty”

Now come on Julian be reasonable. Surely you have to give three months notice, or more, in lots of service businesses. What about hairdressing? If your hairdresser is having a really bad day and they make an absolute mess of your locks, you can’t just not go back. You return for the next three months, pay full price, have a few more bad cuts, while they find someone to replace you – sounds reasonable to me!

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