Fat dogs don’t lie!


Weight management can be a chore. Keeping a food diary to track calorie intake is so dull that it makes reality television look compelling.

So, how do you know from week-to-week and month-to-month whether your ‘calories in’, is less or equal to your ‘calories out’? If you’re looking for a decidedly low-tech solution, then look no further than monitoring the weight of your pet dog.

As soon as I set eyes on my mother’s guide dog, I know how active both of them have been. The dog’s weight yo-yo’s in synch’ with my Mother’s which is hardly surprising given that they share the same routine. What’s interesting about a guide dog’s diet, is that it remains very constant, being based on special biscuits and absolutely no treats. This means the dog’s calorie intake is constant and her energy output, highly volatile.

What prompted me to start writing about a dog’s life? Well, it was research by Halifax insurance that highlighted the growing trend of animal obesity in the UK. Yes, we’re now feeding our pets to an early grave.

Look out for the first reported incident of a parrot sustaining fatal injuries after its perch buckled under its enormous weight!