Fitness Illuminated – A strategic exploration of the world’s fastest growing fitness brands

Figure showing fast-growing fitness bands such as F45, Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory, parkrun

Exploring the secret sauce of some of the world’s fastest growing health and fitness brands


I am now exploring a new series of short reports that focus on a single fast-growing global fitness brand. The purpose of these strategic reports is that within one hour, a reader will acquire a deep understanding of a brand’s ‘secret sauce’ and why it is resonating globally with consumers.

Why I am publishing these strategic brand reports

The global health and fitness industry is evolving rapidly and new brands and fitness concepts are being constantly introduced. However, why is it that one brand grows rapidly and scales globally while another fails to extend beyond a few locations? Often there is an abundance of information available to read on these brands but much of it is superficial news and not deep strategic business insight with transferrable lessons and ideas that others can apply to their own business. The reports will ask challenging questions and, as with all my previous reports, be rigorously researched. They will be graphically illustrated to aid readability and long-term memory recall.


Brands being investigated 

Brands with the following criteria will be considered for the report series:

      1. Is the brand serving at least one million customers or does it have at least one thousand sites open?
      2. Is the brand extending beyond its home market to grow globally?
      3. Does it seem to have a distinctive customer proposition?


Figure showing fast-growing fitness bands such as F45, Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory, parkrun

                   Exploring the secret sauce of some of the world’s fastest-growing health and fitness brands

Other fast-growing fitness brand reports are being reviewed.

Report process

Each report will be seeking to explore and explain the factors driving the brand’s success. We will be using the following process for each report:

Oxygen Consulting report process starting with how the business delivers value

Oxygen Consulting report process

Strategic business frameworks

Several strategic business frameworks will be used to help readers understand how the brand successfully competes:

      1. Blue ocean strategy canvas.
      2. Compass tool.
      3. Business model canvas and competencies analysis.

The value to a reader will be in taking a large volume of information on a brand and translating it into a toolkit of ideas that can be applied to their own business.

The published report

The report will be professionally designed and produced in full colour as an interactive digital document. The report will follow the same look and feel as previous Oxygen Consulting reports and graphically illustrate concepts to aid reader comprehension.

Sponsor opportunity 

An opportunity exists for a maximum of two companies to be associated with each of these new reports. A customised report for each of the two commercial partners is offered. Each partner receives a uniquely designed version of the report as follows:

      1. CEO or nominated person writes a one-page introduction to the report.
      2. Partner receives a further one-page full-colour ad in the report.
      3. Partner is granted a license by Oxygen Consulting to distribute the entire report to their network. Other than the two report partners, no other companies will be granted permission to distribute.
      4. Partner acknowledgement and logo will be featured on the front cover.

The result is a valuable and insightful co-branded (Oxygen Consulting and partner) report that features no other advertising.

The report could be used by the partner in the following ways:

      1. As a cost-effective lead-generation (when compared with trade journal advertising) vehicle because the report would be highly attractive to prospective customers.
      2. Forwarded to prospective customers in advance of a meeting in order to cultivate a new relationship.
      3. Help sales personnel to gain new perspectives on successful business models. This can support how they build rapport and influence with customers.
      4. Reinforce the partner’s strategic positioning as a thought-leading industry stakeholder.
      5. Build recognition as a facilitator of world-leading industry insight.

Would you like to collaborate?

Please get in touch if you would like your business to potentially be associated with one of these reports.