Fitness dk says goodbye to annual contracts

From 1st January 2008, fitness dk is no longer making it necessary for members to sign annual contracts. It is a change of strategy from Denmark’s largest fitness chain (33 clubs and 95,000 members) in an attempt to attract more Danes to join health clubs. The company believes there are an additional 450,000 potential Danish members that can be attracted to clubs if joining was made easier.

The company is also starting membership pricing from 249 Danish Kroner per month (£25).

”As the biggest player on the fitness market, our move to get rid of the full annual membership commitment while also cutting prices is a big strategic step and a direct challenge to the whole sector. But the time has come to remove the nation’s last excuse for not taking up the physical exercise that is so vital for a long and healthy life for us as individuals and for general public welfare. It cannot be stressed often enough that Denmark, like the rest of the Western World, is heading for nothing short of an obesity epidemic – a situation we need to reverse before it’s too late,” says Rasmus Ingerslev, CEO of fitness dk.

I wonder how many UK clubs possess the courage to follow fitness dk?

(picture illustrates a typical fitness dk)



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