Fitness First enter lifestyle game market

Fitness First has announced a collaboration with Black Bean Games to launch a new line of products for the Nintendo Wii games console. The first release is a fitness and nutrition product that will be marketed under the ‘NewU brand’. Users set a specific lifestyle goal which includes setting exercise and nutritional goals. The product utilises the Nintendo Balance Board and will include short videos of six Fitness First personal trainers demonstrating a series of exercises.
John Gamble, Managing Director of Fitness First UK says:

‘Our mission is to make the world a fitter place and NewU takes us a step closer in achieving this. We hope this product will not only complement what members find when they come to a Fitness First, but also encourage the ‘new to exercise’ person to take the next step and join a gym.’

This is an exciting departure for health clubs as they start to take their expertise outside the confines of clubs and into the other key places of members’ lives.

More news as I get it.

Fitness First quick facts: Fitness First has over 540 clubs with 1.4 million members in 19 countries. In the UK there are 170 Fitness First clubs with circa 425,000 members.