Fitness Industry Association and the Department of Health

The Fitness Industry Association (now rebranded to ukactive) was involved in the Department of Health consultation `Choosing Health`. Ray Algar was commissioned to identify, research, and write up case studies that support the present diverse work of FIA members.

Commissioned by: Executive Director, Executive Chair

Terms of Engagement

Work related to the following themes:

  • National initiatives that encourage the English population to become more active.
  • Evidence of an innovative public/private partnership where one of the objectives is to improve leisure facility access to individuals who are deprived by means of cost, lack of provision or perceived discrimination.
  • An innovative work place initiative that encourages physical activity and a greater sense of well being among employees, delivered both at and away from the workplace.
  • An initiative that encourages physical activity among the under 25’s set within the Further or Higher Education sectors.


  • The work was delivered on time and to budget and will form the backbone to the official FIA response to the Department of Health.

Client Feedback

`Ray Algar played a significant part in the FIA’s collation of evidence for the Department of Health’s, `Choosing Health` consultation paper.  Their proactive approach, grasp of the task and expedient delivery helped the FIA to provide a submission that was a powerful endorsement of the work of our sector`.

Mr Nigel Wallace, former Executive Director, Director