How I Work

I have a flexible and non-prescriptive way of collaborating with clients, which means I can be involved at any stage of a project. My input can be short and intense or more sustained. Whatever the length or scope of a consulting engagement, I will be striving to add value and create maximum impact.

My Involvement

I can be involved at:

  • The concept stage for a leisure project or new service providing valuable strategic insight and guidance.
  • The delivery stage acting as a specialist project manager and custodian for the overall strategy.

My Input

I can input in the following ways:

  • For one day to explore and brainstorm new opportunities.
  • As a ‘project champion’ or interim manager working alongside members of your own team.
  • Engaged to solve a specific organisational issue or identify market opportunities and managing the entire project through to its successful completion.

My Impact

New customer or market insight coupled with decisive management action leads to some very exciting results. I can breathe expertise and impetus into a project and deliver all the expected outcomes. Naturally, on time and within budget. I can identify opportunities that are only visible to someone unclouded by industry rules and norms. Also, I provide the independent perspective and rigour that may be expected by third party project partners such as investors and financial institutions.

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