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Core competencies may sound like management consultancy ‘jargon’ but, in fact, they help Oxygen clients gain a clear understanding of how I add value to organisations.

What is a Core Competency?

Simply put, a core competency represents the one thing that an individual or company can do better than its competitors. It is generally accepted that a core competency possesses qualities that can be applied flexibly across a variety of markets, is highly valued by clients, and has unique features that competitors find difficult to imitate. It is these distinct and unique qualities that separate a core competency from something that the company just does well – a business strength.

Oxygen Consulting has four distinctive competencies that blend to create a powerful proposition for our clients:

Entrepreneurial Disposition

  • Highly receptive to new insights, opportunities and markets (opportunity receptive).
  • Strong innovative capability.
  • Business and outcome driven outlook.
  • Rapid deployment of new services once viability has been established.

Competency in action

The Fitness Industry Association recently engaged our services to write the business case for a national workplace physical activity initiative to support a substantial funding application. Although our brief was focused on creating a compelling funding application, we went far beyond the terms of engagement and identified key partners for the initiative to support a nationwide rollout. Our focus on the `end game` and the overall business outcome features strongly in all our work.

Rapid Intelligence Gathering Expertise

Oxygen Consulting has a very strong capability to rapidly source market intelligence that is highly valued by clients. We are often commissioned to compile `original` intelligence using market research techniques or capture information in the public domain. Given the growing issue of information overload and `data clutter`, the ability to rapidly capture and distil information into high value market intelligence is becoming an increasingly valuable competency.

Competency in action

Recently, we were engaged by Energie Fitness Clubs to collate and report on information relating to the purchase of a health club in Worcestershire. Within a matter of a few days, we had to write the story for this club spanning a three-year period, piecing together information from a complex range of sources. Our work was highly commended and our report framework has now been adopted for all future acquisition activity.

Adding Significant Value to Market Intelligence

Oxygen Consulting has the capability to identify a market insight or future trend and quickly translate this into new product or service opportunities. Coupled with our entrepreneurial disposition we have the capability to translate market intelligence to influence and direct management action. The consequence is that client organisations are always strengthened by our involvement.

Competency in action

We are working with a company that is developing a highly innovative `off-shore` modular housing concept. While researching UK and European grants for the company, it became clear to us that as well as an affordable housing solution for the UK market, the product had significant opportunities in the global travel and tourism industries. A detailed market study will now be undertaken to explore these new markets.

Compelling and Persuasive Communications Expertise

Our ability to develop compelling and persuasive communications (documents, plans, proposals) requires a complex and diverse range of skills. It becomes a core competency when linked to an extremely high level of business rigour and attention to detail. Such a competency can be deployed across a range of activities including:

  • Grant and funding submissions to private and public bodies.
  • Investment documents such as business plans, new product proposals.
  • Researching and writing new business pitches.
  • Researching and developing materials for publication, such as case study documents, articles and books.

Competency in action

Completed a detailed feasibility study for a new £4m health and well being centre in South Wales. With over 175 pages of complex information, we were set the challenge to produce a compelling six page project summary to use as a selling aid for attracting substantial commercial investment.


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