Free Webinar: The Two Pathways of the Fitness Industry: Are You on the Correct Course for Success?

The health and fitness industry is bifurcating, forking along two distinct pathways – self-service and supported. In every area of their lives, consumers have been taking control of activities that once were outsourced to others – self-scanning groceries, booking hotels and flights – and enjoying the empowering feeling of serving themselves. Low-cost gyms have tapped this phenomenon effectively, attracting members seeking a narrow fitness experience and content to serve themselves. However, perhaps less conspicuous is the second pathway, which is the supported club where customers seek and pay for a more guided experience. The best studios are part of this group, purposely engaged in helping customers reach a desired health and wellbeing aspiration. One pathway serves up outputs, and the other serves up outcomes.


I gave this webinar in June 2016 for an American audience.

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This webinar shares the critical differences between the two. Find out in this free webinar whether your brand is on the correct path and whether that path is clear to members, staff and your other stakeholders. Knowing these answers will make you more successful in the evolving competitive landscape.