‘Gyms’ may be temporarily closed but their purpose endures

A beautiful short film called '' by Estaban Azuela, a Mexican filmmaker. It shows a old man and women who stumble across an unused playground. They cautiously begin playing on the swings and as they do, they change from old people to young children. ‘Swing’ by Estaban Azuela, a Mexican filmmaker.


During a recent podcast with Matthew Januszek of Escape Your Limits we were discussing how the pandemic has heightened volatility and created uncertainty as many businesses in the physical activity economy are forced to temporarily close. During chaotic times a business may begin questioning its place and purpose — the shared understanding of the reason why the business exists.

When I look at exercise businesses in the physical activity economy, I see passionate people energised by a desire to help others to reach a sense of ‘happiness’ in their lives.

I began thinking about this beautiful video called “Swing’ by Estaban Azuela, a Mexican filmmaker. He was prompted to create the film when visiting a park: “I saw a swing set. I felt that those empty swings were calling me to jump on them. And I saw the park as a place full of energy where the sky is the limit and age is unimportant.”

This film resonates with me because it shows the fragility of life but also the transformational capacity to change. When watching the film think of these two people as a metaphor to symbolise the community of people your business has chosen to support. If you care about this community and they care about you, then they will be waiting when your doors reopen.

Can you set-aside three minutes to watch this captivating film?