Health and fitness clubs just for the over 50’s

I came across Club 50 Fitness Centres which is a US-based franchise that operates club exclusively for the over 50’s. This concept reminds me of ‘Eden Fitness Clubs’ which was launched by Esporta some years ago. Eden was Esporta’s foray into providing clubs for a more mature member.

Club 50 sounds great as a concept, but will face some very interesting challenges as it tries to persuade older consumers that they really should start acting more sensibly and give up that young, funky urban club for something a little bit more becoming of their age. With the concept of ‘age defiance‘ becoming a normal state of mind, I am unconvinced that fifty-year olds desire their own centres.

(Picture shows the closure of one of their clubs in California, but one closure does not prove a flawed concept).

What do you think?