Health Club Contracts – Good for who?

There still seems to be a lot of confusion with health club contracts. Often, it seems that members do not really understand what they are signing. This week I spoke to a friend who had just received a letter from David Lloyd with details of new terms and conditions. The letter reminded him that he needed to give three months notice to terminate, but he was under the impression it was one month. He did not like the tone of the letter and felt like resigning…after giving them three-months notice, I reminded him!

While some chains are asking for a 12-month commitment, others require just 30. I’m not surprised that consumers are confused. However, what if the contract length became less of an issue because there was membership portability or a universal transfer policy between clubs?

Well, this is the subject of my current project. I am deep into the first draft of the business plan. Look out for more news over the next few months.

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