How Can the UK Sports and Fitness Sector Support the Nation’s Largest Health Research Initiative?

Join 'Our Future Health' initiative's diverse community portrayed in colourful, patterned squares, and become a part of the world's largest health research project. Volunteer now to help shape the future of disease prevention and treatment.

I have recently enrolled in the UK’s largest-ever health research programme which is looking to enrol five million volunteers living in the UK. Its long-term aim is to radically change the prevention, detection and treatment of major diseases such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately, you or someone you care deeply about will likely be affected by one or more of these diseases at some point.

As I write, 1.2 million UK volunteers have joined the research programme but 3.8 million people are still needed. What an opportunity therefore for UK Sport & Fitness support for health research and a means

to encourage all their stakeholders from customers, employees, suppliers, the wider community, investors and others to actively engage with this world-leading preventive research programme.

Uniting the Healthcare and Exercise Sectors

As the sport and fitness sector works to align itself ever closely with healthcare what a great opportunity to support this ambitious research project which fits perfectly with its sector purpose to enrich, improve and extend lives. Volunteers will have the opportunity to understand more about their current health status, opt-in to link their research and general medical records and understand more about reducing the risk of developing life-changing conditions.

A call to UK sport and fitness sector leaders — one million extra volunteers

Please take a look at Our Future Health and explore ways that your organisation can actively support this project and help them to reach five million volunteers. Facilitating and encouraging at least one million new volunteers seems a realistic ambition for the UK sports and activity sector.

Activate your community

How does your organisation see itself getting involved with this exciting research project? Would you like to become one of their strategic sports partners? Do let me know your thoughts and please share this post with your community.

Further Information

Details on becoming a strategic sports partner can be found at this link.