How is your business set for when the English economy reopens?

Social impact and strategic clarity framework — Ray Algar, Oxygen Consulting

Boris Johnson, on February 22nd 2021, will be laying out a three-stage plan for the reopening of the English economy. During this pandemic, there has been much time to reflect on the businesses we operate and ‘why’ we choose to do what we do.

What social impact is your business making?

I believe that organisations in the physical activity economy have a compelling altruistic purpose. This purpose — the reason why the business exists – is energised by a desire to help others reach a sense of ‘happiness’. If you agree with this, then the business needs to be strategically aligned to maximise its social impact. When aligned, the business has a state that I describe as ‘momentum.’ We all know businesses that have reached ‘momentum’, while others are wrestling find their place in an ever more complex digital and physical marketplace. See the framework below.

Would you benefit from a confidential conversation?

Operating a small health and fitness business can sometimes be lonely for the owner in good times, but even more isolating during a pandemic. If you would value a conversation (no fee) about exploring a step-change in your business, then please get it touch.Social impact and strategic clarity framework — Ray Algar, Oxygen Consulting

I would welcome comments on this framework.