Interview with Richard Davis, Director, VirtualGym TV

Recently, I visited Richard Davis, Director of VirtualGym TV to find out more about the business. Afterwards, I fired off some questions to Richard and below you can read his replies:

What does VirtualGym TV stand for?

VirtualGym TV ‘literally’ stands for a virtual gym that you can watch on your TV, amongst other devices. In a nutshell, we are  an online gym that is a true global multi-platform cloud solution. We can be viewed on your computer, TV, smartphone, iPad or other tablet, iPod or MP4 player, games console or even to create your own DVD’s to play in your lounge! We specifically stand for bringing exercise to the nation wherever they are, whenever they wish.

What do you expect the business to achieve in the next three years?

Within the next three years, we are hopeful that we will have built the business into a multi-million pound organisation that feeds into internet enabled TV’s, smartphones, tablets and computers all over the globe. We already have an audience reach in excess of 400,000, and we are targeting an audience measured in the millions by 2014. We are trying to play our crucial part in getting more people, more active, more often.

 What single word or attribute sums up your business?


If the business closed today, why would it be missed?

There is a large appetite amongst both employees and retail consumers to exercise somewhere other than a traditional bricks and mortar gym. The extraordinary sales of fitness DVD’s and consumer ‘play’  items like Wii Fit are testament to this. However, presently, we are the world’s only true online gym, that combines the creation and distribution of video exercise content from a number of the best fitness presenters in the industry, along with the totally unique Virtual Personal Trainer  software that has been built by high profile British Olympic medics. We are a very serious solution for a very serious need, and the industry would be much the poorer for it were we to close today.

 What legacy do you hope VirtualGym TV will create?

With our current and fast-growing corporate user reach, the new series of  smartphone applications, our impending global internet-TV app build and with our exclusive partnership with some of the British Olympic medics; we are striving to create a global legacy that will disrupt the fitness industry forever. We are often viewed as a direct competitor to the main bricks and mortar chain gyms, but it is about time that the industry got with the times and realised that we are complimentary and designed to reach out and engage with that huge bulk of the adult population that would not even consider stepping over the threshold of a gym or health club. We need to work together to ensure that change is effected and we slowly begin to turnaround that ‘oil tanker’ that is the spiraling obesity problem that plagues our society.