Interview with Theo Hendriks, CEO of Sports & Leisure Group

This is another of the ‘choose a question’ interviews that I filmed while at the IHRSA European Convention in Dublin.

This interview is with Theo Hendriks, CEO of the Sports & Leisure Group in Holland. While in Dublin, Theo received the Annual European Club Leadership Award. This goes to an individual whose leadership has advanced their company and the club industry at large.

During this interview, Theo talks about selling some of his clubs to pay down debt, the trends impacting his business and his future plans.

This is a lovely interview as it is very future-looking and he gets very excited about his plans to drive across the United States and Canada.

Some of the questions asked:

1 What are the key trends driving your business?

2 Why is the budget club trend so big in Holland?

3 How will your business be different one year from now?

4 Can the business now run smoothly without you?

5 What would colleagues say is your best skill/ability in business?

6 What advice can you offer to someone setting up a business in 2010?