Joining Jim Mora on Radio New Zealand: An Exploration into the Longevity of Commonwealth Games Medallists

Unveiling Secrets: 'Longevity of Commonwealth Games Medallists. Ray Algar interview with Radio New Zealand. The image is an illustration of two people sitting at a table looking at microphones the text on the image says radio New Zealand interview to elite level athletes live longer than the general public?

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss research into the longevity of Commonwealth Games medallists with Jim Mora, the Sunday morning host at Radio New Zealand. You can listen to the 19-minute interview here.

Investigating the Longevity of Commonwealth Games Medallists

Alongside Professor Les Mayhew, Associate Head of Global Research at the International Longevity Centre in London, we investigated the lives of more than 4,000 Commonwealth Games female and male medallists reaching back over the nearly 100-year history of this global event. I have linked to the interview in the comments below. The key question we asked was: Are these medallists enjoying longer lives than the general public?

Takeaways For Us All

Now the research is good news if you are Usain Bolt, but what lessons might there be for the rest of us? This is the core of the 19-minute interview when we discuss exercise snacking, why 70-year Norwegians are doing high-intensity exercise, and more.

Your Thoughts

I am interested in your thoughts on the potential lifestyle factors contributing to this longevity boost among Commonwealth Games medallists. Do they carry their athletic identity and behaviours into later life? Could it be that one healthy behaviour sparks several others? What can we glean from these elite athletes to potentially enjoy longer, healthier lives ourselves?