Just back from MIOFF Health & Fitness Conference, Moscow

My speaking engagement at the MIOFF 2007 went well. I’m used to working with Russian translators, but this was the first time that I had to work with two translators at the same time! Each would translate for about fifteen minutes, before switching. One of them got my brand differentiation message faster than the other, so I am not sure how much sense it was making to delegates.

Eco Fit in Brazil, which is one of the health/fitness club’s I case-studied, did not seem to get through, as the idea of an environmentally-friendly gym business seemed a little absurd to some Russian delegates. The idea of a health club conserving energy and re-using water seemed limp when they had a picture of some industries pumping out toxic waste and poisoning staff. Perhaps Moscow is not yet ready for the world’s most environmentally friendly health club.

MIOFF was also an opportunity to see if the organisers wish to translate Mastering Health Club Management into Russian. Presently, there are no Russian language books for the health/fitness industry. I should know more in the next month.

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