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This is the Oxygen Consulting Knowledge Store where you can find all our books, reports, and keynote presentations that have been published over the past 19 years. You can read the first few pages of most of the publications using the online viewer or download for reading offline.

Worldwide readership 

Our work attracts a global readership and we are very proud that UK and international fitness businesses have been started or scaled from the insights contained in this work.

UK Padel Tennis Report – A strategic exploration into one of the world’s fastest-growing sports

In June 2024 Oxygen Consulting is publishing a new report written for investors, landlords, entrepreneurs and leisure operators seeking to understand the multifaceted landscape of Padel in the UK, identifying avenues for sustainable growth, inclusivity across generations and social strata, and untapped economic opportunities. Key learnings will be highlighted along with actionable insights.

Report Sponsor Opportunity Available

Do get in contact if your business wishes to position itself as a key strategic partner to padel in the UK.

Is your organisation seeking to create thought leadership in the physical activity marketplace?

We have deep expertise in researching and creating publications that have the power to move people. So if your business is just setting out on its exciting mission and needs to build some momentum, then perhaps one of our customised reports could help. It is a similar price to a few of those magazine ads that readers tend to ignore. This is the reaction our reports receive:

“Do you have any objections to me sharing the mid-market report with others (mostly media outlets) to give them a better understanding of the state of the industry? Congratulations on a fantastically insightful report.”

Mark Daly, National Media Director, Anytime Fitness (approximately 4 million members across 5000 gyms worldwide, 2023)


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