Launch of Fitness Sector Social Good Report

Colourful report front cover showing hand drawn illustration of a brain. From the brain is a cable and plug being held by a man in black trousers

The ‘Fitness Sector Social Good Report’ is being published on March 6, 2014. The report is a collaborative effort between Ray Algar, ukactive and Matrix Fitness.

The fundamental purpose of this report is to explore the idea that a business with a purpose beyond maximising its own self-interests can ensure long-term relevance with their stakeholders, thereby creating a more valued and sustainable organisation. The report is designed to encourage leaders of all organisations, big or small, corporate or not-for-profit to explore the wider social good they can achieve beyond focusing simply on their immediate customers.

The report discusses eight themes:

  • Purposeful
  • Responsible
  • Authentic
  • Generous
  • Compassionate
  • Connected
  • Collaborative
  • Influential

The themes help to explain how we are living through a period of significant social and technological change, which is reconfiguring the relationship between people and business.

The report will be available as a fully interactive PDF in the Oxygen Consulting Knowledge Store.