Leisure Industry Week Presentation by Ray Algar — UK

Below is a copy of the presentation I delivered at Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham during September 2015. The presentation theme was looking at how the health and fitness industry is evolving and how a wide range of fitness substitutes are challenging legacy clubs.


Jak Phillips from the Leisure Media Company attended the presentation and wrote this article which will provide some background to my presentation.

‘Health and fitness operators must redefine the boundaries of their market and embrace innovation if they are to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive sector, says Ray Algar.

Delivering his keynote address at LIW 2015 in Birmingham, the fitness industry analyst issued a call to arms for entrepreneurs to redefine the sector.

Citing examples such as the start of the mid-market with the launch of Fitness First in 1993 and the arrival of the budget sector in the UK in the mid-noughties (a concept started in Germany in the late 90s), Algar said the time is ripe for a great leap forward. Otherwise, he warned, the industry will continue to ‘squabble’ over the same 13 per cent of the adult population that are gym members.

“True entrepreneurs are unrestricted in their mission and redefine the boundaries they operate in to open up the market,” said Algar, suggesting innovation is the key to creating more opportunities.

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