Letter to the Editor of Club Business International magazine

As the boundaries of the health club industry are re-drawn, so it becomes necessary for all its diverse range of stakeholders to pause and reflect on how it will continue to create meaningful value.

Recently, I attended the IHRSA European Congress which each year takes part in a different city. This year it was hosted in London and I was pleased to see that IHRSA took a step back to consider how an event in its seventeenth year, should be refreshed. The result was reducing the sessions that emphasised operational ‘refinement’ and increasing those that provoked us to look forward so that our businesses are not surprised and perhaps left vulnerable by new alternatives. A worthwhile fitness industry congress to me is one that feels akin to a TED Conference, a multidisciplinary feast that leaves your senses spinning and your head full of future possibilities.

I am looking forward to next year’s European Congress in Portugal when I hope the speakers will challenge our present thinking and belief system so that the impact of the industry can reach still further.

Ray Algar, Managing Director, Oxygen Consulting, Brighton, UK.