Loyal gym family get trapped in turnstile

>I was talking to a friend and exasperated Esporta member today. He and his family popped down to their local Esporta club at the weekend and could not get through the turnstile, after the four of them had swiped their membership cards. They tried again; same result. With an impatient queue of members now building behind them, they eventually caught the attention of a receptionist to ask what was going on. They were pulled to one side, while staff went into the membership database.
‘It’s blocked your account, because we are collecting e-mail addresses’ came the reply.
Sad, but true. This is how one of the UK’s leading health club brands treats a family paying Esporta £200 per month.

What makes this whole process so dumb, is those e-mail addresses never get used. I can talk from experience, having been an Esporta member for several years. My intuition tells me that the current enthusiasm for collecting e-mail addresses has more to do with tidying up the database as part of the due diligence process surrounding the imminent sale of the business, and very little to do with improving member communication. What a cynic!