Marcus Buckingham tells IHRSA delegates to play to strengths

I am sitting in the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco enjoying a cappuccino having just listened to Marcus Buckingham deliver a great presentation at the 2009 IHRSA Convention. Marcus has a really engaging presentation style; he’s relaxed, articulate and very funny.

What was his core message?

It was that individuals have a tendency to focus and hone their weaknesses, rather than leverage their strengths (those qualities that make us truly unique). It is this mindset, he believes, that inhibits individuals and teams from maximising their potential. Most of us probably have this tendency; it’s a part of our DNA. He suggests we ‘manage’ our weaknesses, while playing to strengths. Where people decide to focus their attention can partially explain why teams, when given similar resources, can achieve very different results.

(picture shows the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco)