New Health Club Industry Active Ageing Report

Report cover for Health Club Industry Active Ageing Report from Ray Algar



In the next few weeks, I will be publishing my new report which is titled: Health Club Industry Active Ageing Report – harnessing the opportunity of an ageing society.

The purpose of the report is to discuss the implications of global ageing and how the health and fitness industry is set up to respond.

According to demographic researchers, the world’s population will reach an interesting point in 2020, when the number of people aged over 60 passes one billion for the first time. This equates to one in every seven people. As this demographic shift unfolds, so it will be essential that more people embrace the concept of ‘active ageing’, which in its broadest definition is that people maintain the capacity to optimise life. Transitioning into later life, as physically active individuals will help to ensure that people can truly harness the opportunities and benefits offered by increases in life expectancy.

So what role can and will the fitness industry play?