OMG! A budget gym’s coming to town. What’s your strategic response?

On May 22nd, 57 members of the UK and European health and fitness industry met in London for a one day strategy seminar. The day was part briefing, part group discussion. Although the event led on a low-cost theme, the day was really about organisations getting clearer on their customer propositions.

Below are a few comments I have received from attendees:

“Thanks for a very interesting seminar and great networking opportunity. With where we are in our process, the timing was perfect for me and well worth the trip”


“Thanks for the insight into the low cost gym industry, it has given us lots to think about for Carn Brea with regards to our pricing and strategy in general. The seminar on Tuesday was brilliant and really opened my eyes and mind to strategies not just in the gym/fitness world but expanded into other areas of relevance”


“Hi Ray – thanks for today (Adam also), it was reassuring to hear many of the conclusions you summed up today’s event with. As a business we made significant changes to brand positioning, increased pricing, service delivery and focused on our target audiences through social media, member referral and more traditional marketing medians many months ago (to be honest our business has been built on this before Budget offerings existed – old school?).

We are confident that while we may see a short term decline in some gyms membership numbers owing to budget operators entering our local market place, these will be short term. I think it also worth mentioning the importance of having the backing of a privately owned company (board) with a longer term outlook on the business that is not immediately answerable to financial institutions. This allows our management focus to concentrate on member experience and being a ‘quality’ employer – both essential to generating memorable relationships with both members and staff.”