One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry

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IHRSA has today published  a great bog post about the work of Gymtopia under the heading ‘One place for all of the stories of good by health/fitness industry’.


“The health and fitness industry does plenty of good on a daily basis by helping every person who walks through the door onto a path for a healthy and happy life.

You would think it would be enough for a club knowing that they are there to witness an overweight person get off the couch and get the heart pumping and blood flowing on one of their treadmills, or maybe seeing the smile on the face of a mentally handicapped individual who is becoming more comfortable with themselves with the assistance of a personal trainer or occupational therapist.

Many clubs, however, are going one step further by taking the community within their walls and are becoming a bigger part of the area they are in. Whether it is a fundraiser for a local cause, volunteering for a community event or helping with a certain issue, club from coast to coast and all over the world are quick to be involved.”

Read the rest of the blog here.

My thanks to Brad Spiegel at IHRSA.

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