Plans underway for new UK health club benchmarking service

Since the cessation of the Deloitte health club benchmarking service, there has been a void in capturing operating data from UK health clubs. However, this may be about to change. Health and fitness operators are being invited to comment on a proposed Fitness Market Monitor prior to its launch this autumn.

The Market Monitor, from The Leisure Database Company, is being created by the industry, represented by a steering group and is aimed at meeting the needs of all operators. To provide gyms with meaningful data, they have to submit information on a regular basis and have complete confidence that the collecting agency will not mis-use the intelligence. Dr Melvyn Hillsdon of Bristol University has agreed to be the academic advisor to the Fitness Market Monitor and will be overseeing the data collection and analysis process.

The Market Monitor will focus on key metrics, such as tracking membership numbers and revenues, joiners and leavers.It will aim to deliver key results, trends and performance analysis on a national and sector-specific basis. I wait to see what develops over the next few months.