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The ‘2015 UK boutique fitness studio report’ (subtitled ‘A strategic investigation into an exciting growth segment’) is the latest report researched and written by respected industry analyst Ray Algar and released by Oxygen Consulting, the Brighton-based global fitness industry consultancy. Produced in collaboration with equipment specialist Matrix Fitness UK, it follows a series of reports on the fitness industry and is the first to focus on a specific sub-sector.

The report provides a close analysis of boutique studios – their characteristics, what drives them, how they are set apart from their larger counterparts and how they compete. It offers a compelling vision for their success through objective scrutiny, as well as case studies and interviews with some highly entrepreneurial and visionary studio founders. Featured brands include Boom Cycle, Heartcore Fitness and 1Rebel.

The report’s keynote case study is of US boutique SoulCycle, founded by Julie Rise and Elizabeth Cutler on the Upper West Side of Manhattan less than ten years ago and now, despite having a single class fee of a whopping $34 (and a premium single class fee of $70) in New York, boasts 40 studios in the US, roughly 50,000 users per week and plans to open in London next year.

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