Health club industry mid-market report, Ray Algar, Oxygen Consulting


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The ‘Health club industry mid-market report’ (subtitled ‘investigating how brands are repositioning in an era of rising competition’) is the latest report researched and written by respected industry analyst Ray Algar and released by Oxygen Consulting, the Brighton-based global fitness industry consultancy. Produced in collaboration with equipment specialist Precor and REX Roundtables for Executives, it follows a series of reports on the fitness industry.

Report contents

The report discusses the following:

    1. Strategic analysis of the industry’s evolution.
    2. Interview with Chuck Runyon, CEO Anytime Fitness.
    3. Case study: Gold’s Gym, Bothell USA.
    4. Interview with Niels Gronau, Edelhelfer
    5. Interview with Richard Hilton, CEO, GYMBOX
    6. Case study: Active4Less (UK).
    7. Case study: Curves for women.
    8. Case study: Town Sports International.
    9. Case study: Fitness First.
    10. Concluding remarks and recommendations.


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Health Club Industry Mid-Market Report Ray Algar Oxygen Consulting